You’re Already Paying for Solar, Whether You Have It or Not!

The truth is: You’re already paying for solar, you just don’t have it!

We know what you’re thinking. “How can that possibly be?!”

Many of our past customers have been in the exact same position you’re in right now. Life’s busy, and that means little to no time to gather information about why installing a solar system makes so much sense for homeowners. Because of that, they were under the impression that solar was an expensive and extravagant renovation to their home.

Maybe it’s a tough pill to swallow, but then again, honesty is part of who we are. Here’s the thing: You’re already paying to power your home with electricity. Each month, you’re being charged by utility companies to supply your home with power. You may have chosen to have the charge automatically withdrawn, but rest assured, that money is still coming out of your account!

Most homeowners have already paid the equivalent of one or two solar systems, just by paying their monthly electric bills over the years. At Buffalo Solar, this is what we’re passionate about making people understand: You CAN afford to go solar. The ability to pay your monthly electric bill is proof itself.

Electricity: Why Rent What You Can Own?

That’s just what you’re doing by going through a utility company – renting your electricity. Without your own source, the power isn’t your own – you’re paying for the right to access it from month to month.

Installing a solar system to power your home gives a homeowner the opportunity to own their power. That’s one of the main differences between electricity from the utility companies and electricity from your solar system… with solar, you’re paying for power that’s completely, fully yours!

Solar power is a cleaner and greener alternative to the electricity you’re currently getting from the utility companies. But beyond that, it’s a smart financial investment into the value of your home, and the life you’ve created there.

As an added bonus, the payments you make toward your solar system won’t fluctuate… you’ll know what to expect each month, and it has an end date! It’s completely unlike your old-fashioned electric bill, and that’s the beauty of it. 

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Our Footprint is Always Growing!

Here at Buffalo Solar Solutions, we are fortunate to always be hard at work helping people just like you take their first step toward energy independence.

Through this partnership, Western New Yorkers are saving money while helping to improve our environment for all of us—and generations to come.


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