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As we all know sunshine is needed for solar panels to produce energy. But what happens on rainy days? That’s a great question, because while it may seem to be the worst possible thing for your solar panel system, it’s actually one of the best things for your annual energy production.

Here in Western New York, we are all very fortunate to experience all four seasons—including a long cold winter. So what happens to solar panels when it snows? The good news is that sunny days are not needed year-round for solar panels to produce enough electricity for your household or business. Here’s how it works.

The shading from surrounding buildings and trees is one of the biggest factors in determining whether solar panels are suitable and beneficial for your house. Obviously, the removal or trimming of the source of shading would be the most straightforward solution. But that’s not always possible. But don’t let that stop you from considering solar energy for your home or business—we have solutions!

One of the biggest concerns most homeowners have while considering solar panels is the integrity of their roof—before and after the installation. So let's talk about what we do to protect your roof during the weeks before installation.

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