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Buffalo Solar Solutions To Unveil Virtual Reality Experience At Buffalo Home Show

Many visitors to the Buffalo Home Show at the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center during March are going to experience something for the very first time—a virtual reality (VR) experience courtesy of Buffalo Solar Solutions Inc.

The idea was the brainchild of Project Manager Quinn Porzio, a relative newcomer to the Buffalo Solar Solutions family. Filming for the VR experience took place in December during a rooftop solar panel installation in Pavilion, N.Y., a small town in Genesee County.

Since very few people will ever have an opportunity to be on a rooftop during a solar panel installation, the Buffalo Solar Solutions team felt that a VR experience would be the next best thing. Putting on a VR headset, participants in the VR experience will be taken not only to the rooftop but down into the basement to witness a complete rooftop solar panel installation in just under four minutes.

“We did this to help people who might be interested in switching to solar energy better understand what will be taking place up on their roof during installation,” said Tyler Uebelhoer, co-owner of Buffalo Solar Solutions. “It’s like you’re right up on the roof with our installation team.”

When the Buffalo Home Show concludes, the Buffalo Solar Solutions team will use the VR experience in their offices in Buffalo and Cuba, N.Y., and during in-house solar consultations.

“How cool will it be to sit in your own home and watch a VR solar installation from the actual company you’re meeting with?” added co-owner Alicia Uebelhoer. “With the VR system you feel like you’re actually on the rooftop seeing the professionalism and workmanship.”

“I think its a game changer,” added Tyler. “We made a very large investment in this project to help people feel more comfortable about their investment in solar energy.” The company is considering developing a VR experience of a pole-mounted solar panel installation in late spring or early summer. The VR experience was created in partnership with Crosswater Digital Media LLC.

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