Commercial Solar Solutions


The Buffalo Solar team has more than 50 years and 40 megawatts cumulative experience developing and installing solar panels for businesses.

  • Small commercial, houses of worship and non-profits
  • Mid-size commercial, shopping centers and local government buildings
  • Large commercial, factories, warehouses, mining operations
  • Solar power plants selling energy directly to electric utilities

An Investment that Makes a Difference

Investing in solar energy makes great sense for most businesses. Solar panels provide an immediate monthly utility savings that frees up cash flow to grow your business, not your electric utility.

Solar can reduce your annual electricity budget by between 50% and 90%. What will you do with this incredible cash flow boost?

  • Pay off your new solar panel system in just a few years?
  • Hire those game changers you just interviewed?
  • Purchase that new equipment that will double your revenue?
  • Increase your marketing budget and boost your sales?
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Big Savings with Solar

Your commercial solar project will give you long-term savings with a short-term payoff. Government incentives pay for 50%–60% of the project cost.

26% Federal Tax Credit

26% of the project cost is a direct federal income tax credit.

The Investment Tax Credit (ITC) directly decreases your federal income tax liability by 26% of the project cost

This can be carried over multiple years if liability is less than tax credit

100% Bonus Depreciation

Depreciate 87% of the out of pocket project cost as soon as the project is turned on.

Although the useful lifespan of a solar installation is expected to be 35–40 years, you can depreciate all of it immediately upon installation

Alternatively, your accountant can depreciate it over any other schedule you choose

NY-SUN Rebate

NY-SUN Rebate decreases out-of-pocket cost.

NYSERDA provides a state grant that pays for about 15–20% of the cost of the solar installation

The current rebate is $0.35 per watt, for up to 750kW

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25-Year Warranty

Solar panels carry a 25-year warranty from the manufacturer. We use only Bloomberg New Energy Tier 1 manufacturers who can back up their warranties.

  • 25 years of worry-free utility savings
  • Hedge against 25 years of utility rate increases, giving the solar more value over time
Commercial Solar Solutions - Buffalo Solar Solutions - Buffalo, NY

Increased Property Value

Increase the value of your building—without increasing your property taxes.

  • Solar typically increases building value by about $850 per panel installed
  • The added building value from solar does not increase your property taxes until 15 years after installation (RP-487)
Tire Warehouse

Financing Your Commercial Solar Panels

Buffalo Solar makes it easy to finance your commercial solar panels. And once they are up and running, they help pay for themselves all year round.

  • Cash purchase
  • $0 down low-interest loans
  • Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s)
  • Equipment leases
  • Crowd-sourced financing

Simple Solar Financing Options

$0 down low-interest financing can make the investment painless.

Take advantage of our partnerships with local and regional banks

Finance the out-of-pocket cost with $0 down and pay off your system with the utility savings and government incentives

Flexible loan terms from 3–10 years with 3.5%–5.5% interest

Some solar panel systems can be net cash flow positive starting from Day 1

Net Metering Advantage

Bank your kilowatt-hours in the summer to cover overnight and winter usage.

Your solar energy system will generate less in winter months than in summer months

Any excess energy generated in summer months will be sent to the grid and credited to your account

Those cumulative solar credits roll over from month to month returning to you when you need them

Turn your utility into a bank instead of a monthly expense

Get Started with Solar Panels for Your Business

Take the first step toward energy independence with a free initial energy consultation to help you determine if solar panels are right for your business.

Commercial Solar Solutions - Buffalo Solar Solutions - Jeremy McCool - Buffalo, NY

Jeremy McCool
Commercial Development Manager

Office: (716) 800-7775
Fax: (716) 313-2160
Email: jeremy@buffalosolar.com

STEP 1: Free Consultation (30 minutes)

During your free initial energy consultation, we will develop an annual energy cost profile and forecast for your company, as well as discuss your business operations and the energy measures that could benefit your bottom line. We will also explain the incentives and financing options that are available for solar energy projects, and answer any questions you may have.

Once we determine that solar energy is a good option for your business, we will schedule a site walk to get a clear picture of your building operations, electrical systems, and savings opportunities.

STEP 2: Site Walk (45 minutes)

During the site walk, we will review your business’s electric bills for the previous 12 months with you, inspect the roof or projected array location for engineering parameters, measure trenching runs, and inspect the current electrical setup, including meters, main service panels and breaker boxes.

We will also take the time to review solar design options with you and explain why some may be better than others.

STEP 3: Feasibility Study (1 week)

Based on our site walk, we will put together a feasibility study package that includes:

  • Designs for solar panels and energy updates to best offset current electric costs
  • Full turnkey project scope of work and cost proposal based on designs
  • An estimated project schedule
  • An outline of financing options and warranty information
  • A full usage and cost analysis, including projections and incentives
  • Cash flow schedules for CPA review

STEP 4: Proposal Meeting (1 hour)

Once the feasibility study package is complete, we will schedule a meeting to review the proposal with you. During this meeting, we will review a summary of project details and the benefits of switching to solar energy that gets quickly to bottom line.

Following the presentation, we will answer any questions you may have and work with your team to determine next steps.

Invest in the Environment

Investing in solar energy is great for the environment. Creating clean energy from the sun will offset carbon emissions from dirty power plants and factories. Each solar panel you install has the equivalent carbon reducing effect on the environment as:

Planting 1/4 acre of new forest per year

Preventing 280 pounds of coal from being burned for electricity per year

Eliminating 630 miles driven by an average passenger vehicle per year

Solar energy makes your business more sustainable and energy independent!