Biden to waive tariffs for 24 months on solar panels hit by probe

“President Biden used an executive action on Monday to waive any new tariffs or penalties for 2 years that may be levied on solar panels imported to the US from Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam in response to a Department of Commerce investigation into anti-dumping and tariff circumvention practices that manufacturers in these countries are alleged to use.


Although we are fully on-board with an investigation into tariff circumvention, this waiver was necessary both to keep the solar industry moving in the right direction during the investigation, but also to continue the US’s traditional approach to justice – that individuals and organizations are innocent until proven guilty. Roughly 80% of the world’s solar panels are manufactured in China and these 4 additional countries. While the investigation is ongoing, this executive action will allow the solar industry to have the access that it needs to solar panels in order to add the 46 GW of new PV capacity expected in the United States in 2022.”


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