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Five Points Bakery Goes Solar

There’s more earth friendly goodness happening in the Five Points neighborhood. This time it’s Five Points Bakery and Blue Table Chocolates (coming soon). Since the start Kevin Gardner, co-owner of Five Points Bakery, has made it his mission to create a sustainable environment, in and around his buildings. From permeable parking to offering discounts to cyclists, he has always been one step ahead of the curve. Now we are seeing that he is adding a significant amount of solar panels to his own bakery building, and that of his new tenants, which are preparing to open.

“Blue Table approached us and said that they wanted to put the money up for the project, and handle the tax credits,” said Gardner. “We always wanted to do solar, but we’ve been focusing our money elsewhere. The reduced cost electricity will be available to Blue Table first, and then Five Points (part of the contract) will buy what’s left over. If there is anything left over after that, Petrichor Flora (coming soon—moving in next door to Blue Table) will get it. And finally, if there is still solar power left, it will go back to the grid and Blue Table will be reimbursed. It’s a pretty big array, and there’s tons of sunlight—these buildings were perfect for doing this. We expect our electric bills to go way down—this is a project where everyone wins.”

The solar project is being administered by Buffalo Solar Solutions.

Five Points Bakery
44 Brayton Street
Buffalo, New York
(716) 884-8888
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