Installing Solar Panels During the Winter

For a few thoughts on installing solar panels during the winter in Buffalo, we caught up with Joe, our professional solar installer here at Buffalo Solar Solutions to discuss his experience installing solar panel systems in the winter.

Q: Hello Joe, tell us about your experience and how long you’ve been in the solar industry.
A: I have been in the solar industry for a little over two years now. During this time, I have traveled all over New York State completing over 100 installs. I’ve seen the industry grow so much over these past two years, especially in Western New York.

Q: With two years of experience in the field, have you installed and completed solar panel systems during the cold and snowy winter months here in Western New York?
A: I have installed through two harsh winters in Western New York, even when the weather was less than favorable we have completed over 30 installs. We make sure that not only the roof, but all our workers are safe and this is our top priority year around, especially during the winter.

Q: What would you say is the biggest challenge when installing solar panels in the winter?
A: The snow makes everything a challenge. Shoveling and melting the snow off the roof until it’s dry is the most time-consuming task. Besides that, it’s small things that made the job more time consuming. For example, stickers won’t stick to the conduit because it’s so cold out or the tubes of silicone freeze.

Q: what special gear or equipment do you use to safely remove the snow to do the solar panel installation?
A: I usually use a “Roof Rake” or “Roof Shovel” which allows me to remove much of the snow from the ground or from a ladder. After that I’ll use a tool that acts as a heat blanket, and slowly begins melting the snow until the remaining snow is gone.

Q: What’s the best reason for a homeowner to have their system installed in the winter instead of waiting for spring?
A: In springtime, everyone is trying to get their installs done and it’s a very busy time for us. Winter is a great time to get ready for the sunshine and savings because come the spring, summer and fall their system will already be online and generating the credits they need to keep them a float during next winter.

Q: We hear that winter is one of your most favorite times to install solar panels. May I ask why?
A: I really enjoy installing in the winter because I’m always up for a challenge . It also really makes you appreciate the warmer weather.


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