Leasing Solar Panels: Why Not?

Some solar panel companies may have promised you a solar energy system “free of charge” through a leasing agreement. But leasing solar panels isn’t quite free—or even your best value.

1. Your solar tax credits and solar incentives all go to the leasing company.

The old adage that “if it sounds too good to be true” certainly applies here. Usually, solar energy companies that promise a “free” system keep any federal tax credits you qualify for, which amounts to thousands of dollars.

2. You still have to pay your bill.

Because you are leasing the solar panels rather than owning them outright, you also have to pay for the electricity supplied by the solar panels on your own house. And your cost per unit will go up over time. How is that fair?

3. You have to get permission from the leasing company to sell your house.

Yes, it’s true. This is why Buffalo Solar Solutions offers financing rather than leasing programs. When you finance your solar energy system, you can sell your house at any point you wish, without asking permission from anyone.


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