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MT Solar Pole-Mounted Panels Lead the Industry

They lead the industry in pole-mounted solar panel arrays due to their innovative, safe and efficient design. But that’s not where MT Solar stopped offering the best solutions.

Sure, MT Solar have made single pole-mounted solar panel arrays more feasible for more customers by offering options such as their 9-Top, 12-Top, or 15-Top arrays. But their solar panel arrays also maximize a customer’s annual energy production with their selective tilt functionality. What does this mean? Customers can adjust the tilt of their solar panel array anywhere from 5 to 90 degrees in a matter of minutes with NO tools needed. The screw adjuster design gives customers the freedom to get optimal production during every season of the year by simply configuring their array to the current solar solstice.

Pole-Mounted Solar Panels - MT Solar - Solstice Angles - The Buffalo Solar Blog - Buffalo Solar Solutions

Solar solstices occur twice each year (around June 21 and December 21) as the sun reaches its most northerly or southerly position relative to the equator. The seasons of the year are directly connected to both the solstices and the equinoxes—and so is the amount of energy a solar system produces. Solar panels experience maximum production conditions when the light rays of the sun strike the panel and create a 90-degree angle, minimizing reflection and refraction characteristics of the light rays. A standard roof mounted array does not change its tilt angle, meaning maximum production from the solar panels is only possible for one month of every year.

Pole-Mounted Solar Panels - MT Solar - Seasonal Angles - The Buffalo Solar Blog - Buffalo Solar Solutions

Now for you roof-mounted solar panel customers, don’t think this means your solar panels aren’t working well the other 11 months of the year. They’re working GREAT. Just think of it like fuel efficiency: a more fuel-efficient car will drive farther than a slightly less fuel-efficient car with the same amount of gas. The adjustable angle feature of MT Solar pole-mounted arrays creates up to 20% more annual production capability, meaning a better ROI on your investment and fewer solar panels needed.

MT Solar pole mounts are strong—stronger than the roof of your home. The MT Solar pole mount frame is made of steel I-beams, tubes and brackets. The XR1000 Iron Ridge aluminum rails used to mount the solar panels to the frame are rated for 40 pounds per square foot snow loading, and up to 160 mph wind speeds.

Buffalo Solar Solutions chooses MT Solar pole mounts for several reasons. First and foremost, we believe the most important task on any job site is safety, and so does MT solar—that’s why their new design and chain hoist system allows our installers to build the array from the ground level, installing all but one solar panel before hoisting the array to the top of the schedule 80 steel pipe. No more standing on a ladder . . . now that’s innovative!

“Buffalo Solar Solutions is the best solution for solar installations in WNY.”
—D. & A. Monti, West Seneca, NY

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Watch our team perform a winter installation an MT Solar pole-mounted solar panel array.


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