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A New Roof and Solar CAN Go Hand-in-Hand! Here’s How.

Springtime has arrived, and though the Western New York weather may suggest otherwise—the return of roofing season is upon us. Spring usually provides the ideal conditions for roof work, and many homeowners may have spent the winter months deciding whether or not it was the right time to get a new roof.

As you’re thinking about this, consider the following reasons why a roof-mounted solar system would be a valuable option for you. Many homeowners wonder if it makes sense to go solar around the same time that your new roof is being installed . . . the answer is YES!

Still unsure? The team at Buffalo Solar Solutions has invested some time into explaining just why that is:

A New Roof and Solar Go Hand in Hand - Buffalo Solar Blog - Buffalo Solar SolutionsSolar panels provide an extra layer of protection for your new roof. The average American homeowner spends approximately $7,500 when it comes time to replace their roof. After investing that money into your home, wouldn’t you want to protect this investment and prolong its life? This is where solar panels come into play! Just like sunglasses protect your eyes from the sun, solar panels do the same for your roof.

Having solar panels turns a negative into a positive. Asphalt doesn’t love the sun, but solar panels sure do! The sun’s powerful rays are inevitable, no matter where you live. A solar panel’s main job is to absorb as much sunshine as possible, all the while protecting your roof and generating clean energy, which means big savings for you.

Homeowners don’t have to worry about wear and tear. Due to the sun’s powerful yet destructive rays, asphalt shingles begin to crack and deteriorate over time, and at their worst, they can blow right off. High winds and heavy rainfalls ruin the seal between shingles and your home, so let a roof-mounted solar system reduce your shingles’ vulnerability to such weather conditions.

Buffalo Solar Solutions offers an even smarter investment option. Our finance partner, SUNGAGE Financial, gives Buffalo Solar Solutions customers an exclusive package that bundles their financing for a new roof with a solar installation. Not only can you finance both home improvements on the same loan at $0 down, but the percentage of your new roof (averaging 3,000 square feet) covered by the system can be written off on taxes.*

At Buffalo Solar Solutions, we are constantly searching for new ways to help our customers make the smartest investments under the sun for their homes. Our team strongly recommends considering a solar installation along with your new roof . . . there’s no better way to protect a valuable investment than with a quality solar installation!

* The team at Buffalo Solar Solutions recommends that all financial benefits be appraised and approved by an accountant to ensure that you can recoup this offering.

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