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Our Customers Earn $600 and our Solar Advocates Earn $300 for each solar system installed.

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Our Referral Program is a great way to spread solar love, pay off your own solar system or buy yourself something new! Earn hundreds, even thousands! No Limits!

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So, tell your friends, family, and colleagues about your solar experience. If you tell us about them, and they go solar with us, you collect $600 as our customer or $300 as our solar advocate! It’s that simple.

Read the guidelines.

One thing we really need to emphasize . . If the person you intend to refer contacts us before you do, we still need you to fill out the form here on the customer referral page in order to qualify or use our Buffalo Solar App available in Google Play or the App store. Thank you! GoBuffaloSolar and Get Your Easy Money Cash Rewards! 


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    Online reviews definitely help get the word out about solar energy AND us the most! Leave us a review, and share it with your friends on social media or via email.

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    Word of Mouth

    Of course, the “classic” methods of communication never go out of style. Tell your friends, family, and colleagues about your experience going solar!

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    What Our Customers are Saying

    “[Before going solar, my electric bill] typically ranged around $180 to $200 [per month]. I just got my first bill . . . I used absolutely no electricity from the power company, it came [to] $16.24, and there was even more left over that’s going to roll over to usage next month.”
    —Peter G., Lake View, NY

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    Our Footprint is Always Growing!

    Here at Buffalo Solar Solutions, we are fortunate to always be hard at work helping people just like you take their first step toward energy independence.

    Through this partnership, Western New Yorkers are saving money while helping to improve our environment for all of us—and generations to come.


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