Our Story

Our President and Founder, Tyler Uebelhoer, knew the solar energy industry was for him from the start.

Working in the Western New York construction industry and as an electrician for a dozen years as well as growing up in Wyoming County surrounded by entrepreneurs, he knew building a clean energy company that created greater value for customers and more jobs for Buffalonians like him was what he was born to do.

You can tell he’s made for this business because he’s rarely behind his desk. He’s onsite at customers’ properties personally doing site assessments, providing thoughtful consultations, elbow deep in the installs, or out in the community building partnerships with other leaders in this industry.

That’s how Tyler’s wife and co-owner, Alicia Uebelhoer felt about Tyler’s vision. Alicia, with her classically Canadian people skills of friendliness and graciousness, has been the face and heart of Buffalo Solar’s marketing and customer service from the start.

Happily investing their life savings into this venture, Tyler and Alicia turned their South Buffalo living room into the first Buffalo Solar office, and hired their first employee who is still with the company. 

Today, the operations have grown substantially beyond their home and they now enjoy expansive, modern facilities. 

As their positions within the company have evolved, they still love to be involved and you’ll often find Alicia chatting with customers at local events as Tyler still enjoys giving a helping hand on the roof.

Alicia and Tyler are made for each other too, along with their two Husky puppies, Buffalo and Solar, the company’s mascots. Our leaders aren’t just business partners; they’re best friends. They grow stronger as a couple with every business hurdle they clear together and have instilled in their business a strong sense of family.

The 20+, talented, home-town residential and commercial teams are as passionate as the owners about the clean-energy industry and the business. Everyone does whatever it takes to create success for the company and the ultimate solar experience for customers.

Buffalo Solar was in fact made for Western New York businesses and homeowners. We are a local company with customers who appreciate transparent business practices and helpful people. 

We are committed to you feeling confident and comfortable at every point in the process. Our customers become experts in solar energy and feel empowered to make the best decisions. We make sure of it. We help WNY stay beautiful while using clean energy too. We care deeply about installing solar systems that not only complement our customers’ homes but that they’ll love too! 

As Alicia always says, “Solar can be beautiful, and we’re the company that can show you how!” It’s clear, Tyler and Alicia were born to bring a better solar energy solution to Western New York.

It’s more than our sunny disposition.

You could buy residential solar panels, or even commercial solar panels, in a number of places. But the one thing you won’t find anywhere else is the kind of customer experience you’ll get with Buffalo Solar Solutions.

Our promise to you:

We’ll provide clear information and answer all of your questions.

We’ll show you how to avoid mistakes and educate you on tricks some energy suppliers play.

We give you our undivided attention, free of any obligation to buy.

We’ll give you the forms to obtain your solar energy tax credits. (We don’t keep them, like many other solar companies do.)

In other words, lots of straight talk and no high-pressure salesmen. And we’ll stick with you after the job is done. If there’s a warranty issue, we’ll be there. Question on your solar energy tax credits? We’ve got it covered.

Our Promise

To Be a Customer-Focused Renewable Energy Company

Buffalo Solar Solutions will always do right by our customers to guide how we operate our business. We will use the time and talents of our team members to emphasize and communicate the benefits of going solar in Western New York. We will allow our quality products and installations to speak for themselves to drive our company forward. Over everything else, the essence of who we are and what we do is solar done right!


Maybe you’ve been told you’re an installation super hero, or that you have better customer service skills than that gecko on the insurance company commercials. Buffalo Solar Solutions is a place where dedication and hard work pays off.

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Our Footprint is Always Growing!

Here at Buffalo Solar Solutions, we are fortunate to always be hard at work helping people just like you take their first step toward energy independence.

Through this partnership, Western New Yorkers are saving money while helping to improve our environment for all of us—and generations to come.


Contact Buffalo Solar Solutions for a free consultation to help you determine if solar panels are right for you.