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Personal Service And Education Contribute To Growth Of The Solar Industry

Installation of solar panels is best left to local companies who can better serve the needs of their customers.

While the popularity of solar energy continues to grow in communities across the nation, many industry experts are coming to the conclusion that the best way for solar—and solar companies—to grow is to take a regional approach. Their reasoning is rather simple: Installation of solar panels is best left to local companies who can better serve the needs of their customers.

“I can only speak for our company, but the positive experience our customers receive directly relates to the amount of time we invest in every home visit,” said Alicia Uebelhoer, co-owner of Buffalo Solar Solutions Inc. “And the personal service doesn’t stop after the home visit, or once the customer has signed up for their solar project or even after it’s completed. We continue a close relationship with our customers after the fact and we will always continue to run our business this way. The education they receive is more than they will ever receive from a large, national corporation. We make sure before we leave, no matter how long it takes, that our clients have all their questions or possible concerns answered. We take the time to go over everything from A to Z. We don’t bring contracts or ask for referrals when we walk in the door . . . we are there to educate.”

“That’s what I love about our company—we really do care and we are truly invested in what we do,” said co-owner Tyler Uebelhoer. “We build relationships with people. Our solar educators are excited when they can talk to a potential client because they’ve been given an incredible opportunity to educate others about the benefits of solar energy, not only for the consumer but also for the planet.”

The hard work is certainly paying off for Buffalo Solar Solutions, which began operating in 2015 out of the Uebelhoer’s South Buffalo home. The company has added several dedicated employees and now operates out of office space located at 1212 Abbott Road, Suite A, Buffalo.

“Our financing is simple and affordable, our customers receive the best customer service possible, and our professional installations truly showcase the pride we have in our work,” Tyler added. “Best of all, our customers are becoming solar energy educated and are sharing their stories and experiences with their friends and families.”

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