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Renewable Energy Careers: Solar Panel Installers

For half the year, Western New York is cloudy and doesn’t see much sun, but that doesn’t mean it is not a great place for solar panels. It’s actually an area that is radiating in solar energy growth.

“It is almost going to be as common as having a wash machine, it should be accustomed to that,” Tyler Uebelhoer, co-owner of Buffalo Solar Solutions said. “Having your own little mini power plant on your roof is very important these day.”

Husband and wife Tyler and Alicia Uebelhoer created the Solar Panel company four years ago in South Buffalo.

The company added 10 employees just last year and will be hiring before the solar panel busy season heats up in April. Uebelhoer adds that two-thirds of the jobs in the solar industry are office or project management jobs.

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“Over the last five years or so the industry has doubled in size and there’s more workers in renewable energy now than oil and gas combined,” Uebelhoer said.

WKBW Renewable Energy Careers - Buffalo Solar Blog - Buffalo Solar Solutions

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