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Roof Integrity: Our Checklist for Your House

One of the biggest concerns most homeowners have while considering solar panels is the integrity of their roof—before and after the installation. So let’s talk about what we do to protect your roof during the weeks before installation.

1. Assess your roof conditions for solar panels.

First, one of our solar professionals assesses your roof conditions to determine if it is suitable for solar panels in its current condition. Most roofs that are up to 10 years old are typically determined to be adequate for a solar array.

2. Study your roof’s engineering specifications and structural design.

Next, a structural engineer will gather information regarding snow and wind loads for the location, as well as the current structural design of the roof. That information forms the 15-page permit package that gets an engineering stamp of approval, which municipalities require before installation. This report helps us determine if your roof is suitable to handle the weight in its current condition.

3. Make any necessary recommendations necessary to prepare your roof for solar panels.

If the structural engineer determines the roof is not adequate to support the weight of your solar panels, our team provides you with recommendations to prepare it for the weight—solutions like adding additional trusses to the weight-bearing spots of the roof.

FUN FACT: Almost all roofs are designed to handle the weight. But in our experience, roofs below a 20-degree pitch may require additional supports.


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