Commercial Solar Financing

Commercial Solar Financing comes in many forms depending on the project’s and offtaker’s needs, and we have access to all of them. All of our financing options are 100% financing ($0 Down) and are intended to get your project to a net cashflow positive status either immediately or in the short term. 


Construction debt

Permanent debt with interest and term options
Fixed interest and payment
Interest: 2.99% - 6% (depends on option selected, not on credit)
Term: 5 – 25 years

Tax Incentive financing (no interest or payments on tax credit portion till month 18)



Operating Leases (allow you to monetize tax incentives)

Capital Leases (lease owner monetizes tax incentives and passes savings through in form of lower payments)

On-Bill Leases (lease on your utility bill as a utility charge, so you only pay a single monthly power bill)

PACE Lease


Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s)

Prepaid PPA’s


On-Bill PPA’s


Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing options are based on unleveraged property value, not credit. These can be great solutions for those with a less than optimal credit history or no credit history.

PACE creates a new special taxation district on your property and the payments for the project will show up on your property tax bill each time taxes are due

Only certain states and counties are currently eligible for the C-PACE program. If your state is eligible but your county is not, we can work on getting the county to pass the necessary legislation.

PACE projects can take 60 – 90 days to close and fund

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“Having the opportunity to go solar . . . it was a chance for us to save money for our family. We would highly recommend working with Buffalo Solar Solutions.”
—Victoria D., Buffalo, NY

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