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Utility Rates Just Keep Climbing…

The electricity rates in Western New York fluctuate from year to year, and are clearly on a steady rise. So how do you protect yourself from these constantly changing utility rates?

Here in Buffalo, NY, home and business owners receive their electricity services from either National Grid or New York State Electric and Gas (NYSEG). Both of these utility companies are investor owned and operated through the public stock exchange market. According to a recent case study conducted through NYSERDA’s database, the KwH rates will continue to rise, year after year.

Rising Utility Rates - Buffalo Solar Blog - Buffalo Solar Solutions

What does this mean to their customers—or as they think of us, their “rate payers”? Well, it means that they have one interest in mind: to make themselves as much money as possible through a solid stock trade portfolio. This is the simple explanation behind why “rate payers” see such a fluctuation in the cost of a KwH from year to year—the utility company has the power to decide how much money they make.

So what can you do about this? The answer is a sunny one . . . you harness the power of the sun and generate your own electricity.

When a home or business owner decides to put solar energy to work for them, they protect themselves from ever-changing utility rates. On average, by paying your “normal” utility electric bill every month, you pay enough to buy a solar energy system every 8.5 years! So if you live in a home for 25 years . . . the long-term savings you would get from a solar panel system would be enough to purchase TWO more solar panel systems!

By choosing solar panels with Buffalo Solar Solutions, you are taking the opportunity to generate your own electricity—and protect yourself from the always increasing utility rates.

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