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What exactly is a Kilowatt-Hour anyway?

These are many questions you may be asking yourself if you’re interested in green energy and potentially saving a lot of money. Here’s one of them….

What is a kilowatt-hour, and why does it matter when considering solar panels for my home?

Solar panel systems vary from each other in a lot of ways. They come in different sizes to suit different energy needs, and customer savings will vary from house to house accordingly. And there’s one thing that determines all of the above: the kilowatt-hour.

Famously referred to as a “kWh” on your electric bill, a kilowatt-hour is the measurement of the rate at which electric energy is generated or consumed in your household. Everything you plug into the wall for electricity will draw a certain amount of energy, which indefinitely gets measured by your utilities meter. The amount of energy usage from month to month is then read off your meter and represented on your electric bill, which is how they calculate the service charges for each homeowner.

What is a Kilowatt-Hour? - Buffalo Solar Solutions - Buffalo, NY

Your annual kWh usage helps us determine how many solar panels you need to cover 100% to 110% of your average electric bill. Using your most recent utility bill, add up the kilowatt-hour values from the past 12 months to determine your annual usage. If solar energy turns out to be an option for you, then we’ll work with you to decide what kind of array works best for you and your home. Do I want solar panels on my roof? Or does a pole-mounted solar panel array sound more pleasing? The annual usage, along with other factors such as shading, roof direction or pitch, help answer all of these questions and more.

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