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You Get the Solar Company You Pay for

Buffalo Solar Solutions remains committed to using our voice to shed light on the great benefits of going solar in Western New York and beyond.

We want to empower those who have an interest in solar power—whether it be for the environmental or financial implications—to go solar with the company that does right by the homeowner. At Buffalo Solar Solutions, we say more power to the informed customer—in fact, we can’t stress enough how important it is to do research, read business reviews, and truly take the time to get to know any companies you may have an interest in going solar with.

Here’s the thing: Having solar installed on your roof is the beginning of a long-term relationship. Based on the warranty of solar panels, homeowners should consider the fact that upon signing a contract with a solar company, they’re entering into an agreement that will affect the next 25–30 years of their lives at the very least! (Watch our video about the life expectancy of your solar system to learn more.) Regardless of any promises made during the contracting phase of your solar agreement, we can assure you that unfortunately, not all solar companies have the same concern for their individual customers as we do at Buffalo Solar Solutions.

You Get the Solar Company You Pay for - Buffalo Solar Blog - Buffalo Solar Solutions

Something we unfortunately come across quite often during in-home consultations is homeowners having been presented with the costs associated with a solar system that is not accurately sized for their home. This is advantageous for solar companies that are only concerned with getting the contract signed—a more attractive price makes it look like they have the better deal. The truth of the matter is, every company should present only the most accurate and honest system size possible for each customer, as this is the best way to ensure homeowners can fully reap all of the great benefits of going solar.

As consumers, we all know that it’s enticing to gravitate toward making purchases that may be low cost. However, when it comes to a smart investment in your home like a solar system, we caution against a mindset that is so concerned with cutting costs that a choice in a solar company results in a forfeit of quality.

Here are just a few items that homeowners may lose out on when going with the cheapest solar option rather than making a smart investment in a system:

  • Quality of products and system components
  • Attractiveness of the array on your roof, including an installation team that goes out of their way to hide conduit and make it the best-looking system possible
  • The availability and motivation of an in-office team to provide outstanding customer service
  • Long-term relationship with the company that installed a system that is said to last 30+ years

The best advice we can provide is to encourage those who are interested in going solar is to stop and think about how a company’s ability to cut costs is reflected in its marketed price. The fair prices offered at Buffalo Solar Solutions incorporate much more than the simple cost of a product and its installation—they include post-installation services (like daily system monitoring and troubleshooting) that our operations and project managers provide, as well as the production warranties ensured by all components of your roof (including panels and optimizers).

You Get the Solar Company You Pay for - Buffalo Solar Blog - Buffalo Solar Solutions

Consider the process you employ when you’re looking to buy a new car. You don’t just go to the dealership and buy the first vehicle that your eyes land on or that the salesman points out, do you? Certainly not! You do research, you consider different features and benefits, you take different cars on test drives. Why is that? Because you are looking for a quality product.

The logic is the very same when it comes to choosing a solar company to perform your installation. Your home is your pride and joy, one of the biggest investments in your life, so when it comes time to install a solar system on your home, cutting corners shouldn’t be an option!

So if you’re a homeowner interested in going solar, we urge you to do your research—rather than just going with the first company that approaches you or the lowest price you’re offered. The installation of a residential solar system is truly a scenario where you get what you pay for, and as the premium, fairly-priced company in the region, we encourage you to demand better solar.

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